Thursday, May 3, 2012

Organizing the Kids

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So one day last month we spent 15 minutes trying to find the 5 year olds' shoe. Yes, you read it correctly - one shoe! Seriously, how do you put a shoe in one place and lose the other? On top of that, we are constantly trying to hustle the kids out the door; looking for backpacks, trying to find permission slips, packing up homework, etc. It must be one of Dante's rings of hell. So, I have decided that some organization is absolutely necessary. I was very inspired by "Delightful Order", who made a Children's Homework Message Center. This is her's on the left.
So, I immediately went out to Michael's and bought some inexpensive bulletin boards. I then proceeded to go next door to Pier One to buy hooks. I didn't like the look of the plain cork board, so I bought some fabric and covered it. Fabric is perfect because it doesn't show the holes when you remove pins. (Teachers often use fabrics for bulletin boards.) I used their school photos, ad plan on changing them each year. I also added clips to the top of the board in order to hang things if necessary. We have been using them for several weeks now and it has really helped our morning routine! The pictures in this paragraph are mine.

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