Sunday, May 6, 2012

Toddler Fun

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Before I get to the actual "lesson plans", I will need to collect information. This will be used as my "curriculum". Today's focus will be on the toddler. I want to find resources on activities for my almost 2 year old. His needs will be different than the needs of the 5 and 9 year old. I want a toddler time in my plans. Plus, I want things he can do in his high chair while I get chores done.I plan on having a new activity every day.
I love this idea for Toddler Busy Bags. They are perfect for morning chore time. I think I might make a basket to store in the kitchen cupboard. Then I can rotate them, so he continually finds them interesting. I hope I can get my other mommy friends interested in getting together to make these. I think I will assign each mommy a bag and they will have to bring the materials.
Little Family Fun has some great ideas for toddlers. Some of the ideas are too old for my baby, but are perfect for the 5 year old. And like the ones above, they require some prep. So, I may add these ideas to the Toddler basket. My favorite idea is the Animal Tracks painting. I think my son will really like that.
Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds, All for the Boys, Click, Pray, Love and No Time for Flashcards have a lot of great ideas! Of course, these ideas are much more interactive. They are not meant for chore time. Also, many of these ideas are messy, like cooking and painting. But, who cares. The fun and learning is totally worth it. I believe that some of these ideas would be fun for all my boys. I know the 5 year old would like them.
Finally, I believe that music and dancing are very important for kids. I found this great website with a list of Movement and Music Activities for Toddlers. It has ideas for musical activities as well as dancing games. My little one loves to dance and sing, so this i perfect for us.

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