Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wexy Bags

Wexy Lunch and Munch bags are such a cute idea. The makers of this product are mommies like us. They made the bags because they wanted to get their kids excited about healthy snacks.  The bags have funny little monsters on them, making them appealing to kids. The website has cute bios for each monster. 
Here's what I like about the WEXY Lunch and Munch Snack Bags for Kids Lunch Boxes. They are opaque so you can surprise your kids when you give them snacks. I look forward to using them in my sons' lunches during the school year. I will probably use some of the snacks from Wexy's free e-book.
Okay, you know how I love a company that supports the environment. The Wexy manufacturers say that their bags are "biodegradable, BPA Free, disposable, recyclable, and reusable". What's not to love?!

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