Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Supporting Your Struggling Child

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  1. WOW - this hit home for me. I was a substitute teacher for 6 years and saw a lot of this or I thought I did. I'm now raising my grandson and I'm watching for this. Can you possible email the signs or at least post them then let me know.

    What are the early signs of ADHD and I didn't know it was considered "special needs".

    thanks for the info.

  2. I also taught school for six years, and I agree that children get the wrong labels even if they are not diagnosed. My son has suffered his whole life, and we went through a slew of doctors and prescriptions before it really manifested itself when he hit puberty. He does have ADHD like they thought, but it isn't driving the bus so to speak. He has severe anxiety, in addition to at least one other issue that we are finally getting properly diagnosed. I can also tell you from the mom side of the coin that in some instances (mine) that if issues go undiagnosed (in my case wrongly diagnosed) your child can end up hospitalized. My son was trying to hurt himself for weeks, and the psychiatrists office was "Too busy to work him in" It was a walk in visit to the pediatritian when he was trying to harm himself and having suicidal thoughts that was the catalyst to getting him the help he needs. My story is a nightmare that ended up okay with the right doctor and right meds. I agree that being your child's voice is right. I almost begged for help for years and was looked at like I was crazy until they saw the problem in motion. I say mom's know their children best and should be taken seriously!