Saturday, July 7, 2012

Low Cost Blogger Opp

Hello Blogging Friends,  I really would like to share this opportunity with you because I think it is for a great cause. I am a huge supporter of saving animals. As you have read in past posts, I foster dogs. This is another way I would like to help out. If you offer giveaways on your blog, please, please, please consider joining this one. All the money goes to the AZ Humane Society. (I live in Vegas, but I still want to save the puppies!)

There will be referral prizes for the top 3 referrers!!  A $10 Amazon code, $10 Amazon Card and a $25 Cato Ladies Fashion. So if you sign up and get your own referrals, you can be a winner too! Here is the link to sign up and don't forget to say that Mommy Lesson Plans referred you.

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