Monday, July 9, 2012

At Home Science

I love doing science projects with my kids. I know that as a teacher, doing science projects at school are really hard because of  all the set up. Doing them at home is soooo much easier. I want to start adding science projects to my Lesson Plans, so I am doing the research today. Here are the fruits of my labor.
The Kitchen Pantry Scientist has the most amazing kit with links to printable science experiments. The rest of the site is pretty incredible too. I plan on visiting it a lot. I am excited to try the Nasa Soda Straw Rockets.
Okay, we have all seen the make your own bouncy balls a hundred times. But that doesn't make it any less cool. has a great tutorial on making a Bouncing Polymer Ball.
Science Bob has a great site with experiments, videos, and science fair project ideas. I am especially excited by the Fizz-Inflator.
When I was a kid,I loved looking at constellations and the stories that went along with them. When I saw these Constellation Viewers by the Austin Children's Museum I was so excited. In fact, these will be in next week's lesson plans!
Steve Spangler Science has a plethora of science experiments. The best part about this site is it has video tutorials for the projects. I think the Square Bubbles video and project is pretty fun.
Since one of my kids is preschool age, I like to have some projects geared for his age level. Preschool Crafts for Kids has some great crafts that can be incorporated into science ideas. I especially like the Sun, Earth, Moon Model.

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